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To ensure that you not only feel comfortable with us, 
but also receive the best possible treatment, 
our dental clinic is always equipped 
with the latest technically state-of-the-art 
CE-certified instruments and equipment.

Our dental clinic is technically state of the art and equipped with a feel-good factor. Your health and well-being is very important to us. We want you to feel completely comfortable and satisfied with us.

Modern treatment unit

Comfortable floating chair with armrests

Even if a visit to the dentist is not necessarily one of life's favourite things, we still want you to feel comfortable in it - as much as possible. That's why our treatment chair has a comfortable, pleasant soft upholstery in a modern design and two armrests for your comfort. In addition, the mouth rinsing basin automatically swings forward so that it is more comfortable for you when rinsing. With the individually adjustable head and neck support, you can find a relaxed treatment position.

Treatment room -
ESTETICA E70 Vision treatment unit

Treatment at the dentist's chair

In addition to hygienic and comfortable preparation, a smooth, ergonomic treatment process is very important to us. The ESTETICA E70 VISION is not only the latest and most modern dental unit, but also the most advanced unit on the dental market. The high-quality processed devices and instruments on the treatment chair enable us to work in a relaxed, quiet and precise manner with low vibrations.

Hygiene centre integrated & automated

Hygiene centre integration in the dental chair - KAVO Estetica E70 Vision - Carlsson dental clinic

Nowadays, the highest demands are already made on hygiene in dental clinics. We attach great importance to hygiene. For this reason, a hygienic and comfortable treatment with automated hygiene processes is very important to us.

That is why we have a treatment chair (Kavo - ESTETICA E70 Vision) with an integrated automated hygiene function. The modes of the hygienic treatment processes of the treatment unit are thus designed for perfect water treatment and the use of a sterilisation system to protect the drinking water.

Patient communication

We would like to inform you as comprehensively and in detail as possible about your individual situation and actively involve you in the consultation and treatment planning.

Intraoral Camera

Through the detailed images of the dental intraoral camera, we are able to show you your oral situation in detail and thus talk to you in an understandable and comprehensible way.

Digital Radiography / X-Ray

The easy handling in the treatment room and the quick evaluation of the digital dental films on the PC monitor as well as at the treatment chair are ideal for a pleasant, uninterrupted treatment workflow.

The digital X-ray images have a very good image quality.

Our Dental Clinic-Hygiene

We do everything to protect your health in our dental clinic. That is why we also attach great importance to perfect practice hygiene. In order to offer you maximum safety and protection in our dental clinic, we carry out more than just the legally required disinfection and sterilisation measures.

Hygiene measures to prevent the transmission of diseases, hand and surface disinfection in the treatment room, as well as in all other practice rooms, including all door handles, light switches, etc., are routinely carried out on a regular basis.

Covid-19 Measures

In order to stay on the safe side during the Corona pandemic, we have implemented many other necessary measures in our dental clinic to keep all of us - patients and practice team - healthy. Therefore, in the interest of all of us, we would like to ask you to comply with them.

What we do for you and what you may do for your dental visit with us... Please read here.

All settings on the chair, from changing the position to the treatment instruments, can even be operated via the wireless foot control. Likewise, the soap and disinfectant dispensers, the water tap and the waste bin can be operated without hand contact, i.e. "touch-free".

For sterilisation, the modern premium autoclave "MELAG Vacuklav 40B+" is the most important component for hygiene safety of the entire reprocessing process of instruments, drills and attachments.

It is an autoclave with integrated software for releasing, labelling and tracing the instruments. Regular maintenance and quality controls are the basic prerequisite for a seamless hygiene chain in quality and reliability.

As you can see, we do everything to give you maximum hygiene safety. 
This all involves a great deal of time and expense. 
But this hygiene effort is worth it to us, 
because we want you to feel safe with us.

The treatment unit is the heart of our dental clinic. Our ESTETICA E70 Vision dental chair from the German manufacturer KaVo is considered the most modern treatment unit. It meets the latest standards in hygiene, workflow and patient communication.

In this way, all water-bearing instrument hoses on the dental chair are permanently disinfected and a backflow of water is prevented. The cooling water of the drilling units also passes through this disinfection cycle so that the spray mist (the aerosol) also emerges germ-free. This means that the rinsing water enters your rinsing cup not only germ-free, but also at a pleasant temperature.

All instrument and suction hoses are thus automatically cleaned from the inside and, above all, disinfected. The surfaces of the treatment unit are easy to clean. Especially the operating elements are optimally hygienic and easy to disinfect with a touch screen.

Therefore, the intraoral camera is used in diagnostics, for documentation and especially for the explanatory talks in our dental clinic.

This means that the findings can not only be discussed with the patient on the monitor directly at the treatment chair, but the images taken with the intraoral camera can also be stored in the patient archive. This also gives us the opportunity to carry out optimal checks of the findings.

For you as a patient, in addition to the very low radiation exposure, the uncomplicated transfer of your digital images via electronic data transmission is a great advantage.

The technically state-of-the-art treatment chair takes over the automated disinfection of all instrument and suction hoses, also from the inside. All parts, especially the operating elements, are hygienically easy to clean via a touch display.


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