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Beautiful teeth look appealing & make you attractive

Larger tooth defects and missing teeth are treated by the insertion of dentures. The aim of a dental prosthesis is to restore the aesthetics and function of the natural dentition. Each dental prosthesis is an individual dental prosthesis made only for the respective patient.

Aesthetic dentures are an interplay of function and form. This is more than just finding the right colour: the shape, the texture, the function, the consideration of the initial situation, the respective material used, the exact determination of the space conditions, the technique and above all the attention to detail all play an important role. For us, the interplay of all these points results in "aesthetics in dental restoration".

Due to ever new advances in dentistry and especially in dental technology, there is nowadays a great variety of possibilities for aesthetic dental restoration with dentures for the patient.

A natural smile with beautiful teeth is attractive and appealing. Aesthetic dentistry offers a wide range of possibilities. Fixed, removable - all in ceramic? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves together with our patients.

Tooth defects and gaps can lead to overloading of the neighbouring teeth in the long term and cause additional damage to them. Restoring the chewing function is an important treatment to avoid craniomandibular consequential damage in the long run.

Larger tooth defects

With larger tooth defects, the inner layer of the tooth - the dentin - is exposed and continues to be dissolved by the process of caries. In addition to the lack of functionality of the chewing surface, the consequence can be the dissolution of the tooth from the inside or the development of severe inflammatory processes.

Tooth gaps due to missing teeth

As soon as teeth are missing, the neighbouring teeth often have a hard time. They lack support among themselves in the row of teeth and are loaded incorrectly. Hypersensitivity, tooth loosening and tooth displacement are often the result.

Frequently asked questions about dentures

The primary goal of dentures is to restore the function and aesthetics of the natural dentition.
We will provide you with written treatment plans (treatment and cost plans) for your statutory or private health insurance in Germany.

Not every type of restoration is equally suitable for every patient, but modern dental technology offers every patient a solution that suits him or her - completely individual, high-quality and, of course, aesthetically pleasing.

We will gladly take the time to discuss with you which treatment options are suitable and sensible for you. We will thoroughly explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option. You can then choose the treatment solution that is right for you.


Weitere Informationen zur zahnmedizinischen Behandlung im Ausland von der Bundeszahnärztekammer (BZÄK).

Why should large tooth defects and gaps be treated with dentures?

What do all the abbreviations on the treatment and cost plan mean? (health insurance in Germany)

The treatment and cost plan (also called HKP) contains all information about your oral situation (findings), what is covered by the health insurance and what is ultimately planned as a new dental prosthesis. The fixed allowance is determined on the basis of your oral condition, including a bonus according to your bonus booklet. This is the supplement that your health insurance company will pay as cost sharing.

Also included are the estimated costs for the planned tooth replacement treatment. This lists the estimated dentist's fee, as well as the material costs and the costs for dental technology.

If the desired planning is approved and carried out, the settlement of the inserted denture will then also be made on this form.

To make the treatment and cost plan easier to understand, ProDente's compact overview will help you. 


To make the treatment and cost plan easier to understand, the compact overview from ProDente (pdf file) will help you.  


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