We have been working together as a perfectly coordinated team since 1996. Even after all these years, we still enjoy working hand in hand.

As a patient, you will notice that all the necessary procedures during your treatment happen almost unnoticed by you. Our calm, professional and unagitated cooperation is very much appreciated by our patients.

Benefit from optimally coordinated processes in treatment, administration and organisation with us.

For the first 12 years we worked together in our own dental clinic in Hamburg. Then we realised our idea of having our own dental clinic on Tenerife. And now we continue to work together hand in hand here on Tenerife since 2008.

Through my many interested years as a dentist, I have gained a lot of valuable professional experience in all areas of dentistry. 

Through professional development

Competence in assistance and dental clinic management

Dental Clinic in Tenerife

What brought us to the island of eternal spring?

Since the question comes up again and again among patients, we'll tell you...

I, Thorsten Carlsson, have known Tenerife from an early age. I was 1½ years old when I visited the island for the first time, because my grandparents had a holiday flat here. Since 1992, my parents have also had a holiday flat here in Puerto de la Cruz and regularly spend the winter here. My wife has known the island since 1997 and we have enjoyed spending our holidays here every year, making Tenerife our second home.

It has been my wish for a long time (but originally only when I was 50-55 years old) to open a dental clinic on Tenerife. My wife joined me in this wish. For family reasons, we brought this step forward a few years.

I ran my previous dental clinic in the centre of Hamburg for over 15 years. It was a modern dental clinic with two treatment rooms, a prophylaxis room and many nice patients, which I handed over to my successor with a heavy heart.

An experienced Dental Team
with 25 years of Competence & Passion

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