DENTAL CLINIC     Covid-19 Hygiene measures in our Dental Clinic


For our and your safety we ask you to take the following measures

Your and also our health is very important to us!

This is what you as a patient can do for our dental clinic:

  1. Appointment

    1. To make an appointment, please register by telephone and / or by e-mail.

    2. Please only enter the dental clinic if you have made an appointment.

    3. Reschedule appointments immediately if you are unable to attend.

  2. Appearance at the Dental Clinic

    1. Please only enter the clinic if you have made an appointment.

    2. Wear your mouth-nose protection (mask) already when entering the entrance hall, in the lift and also in the staircase.

    3. Please continue to wear a mouth-nose protection when entering and inside the dental clinic.

    4. When entering the clinic, please wash and disinfect your hands immediately.

    5. Please come alone exactly at the agreed time of the appointment (and not earlier).

    6. For patients in need of assistance - A companion may bring you if you are medically dependent on assistance. Please inform us about your companion when you make your appointment.

    7. Accompanying persons must wait outside the dental clinic.

  3. Risk of infection?

    1. If you have entered the country from a risk area, please postpone your appointment for at least two weeks.

    2. If you have had contact with an infected person in the last ten days and do not have a negative test, please postpone your appointment for at least two weeks.

    3. Please postpone your appointment immediately if you have cold symptoms, fever or other symptoms that could be associated with Covid-19 disease.

  1. Disinfection & Sterilisation

    1. Our usual strict hygiene rules still apply.

    2. We regularly disinfect all surfaces, handles, light switches and also the door handles in the practice.

    3. All instruments and equipment are disinfected and/or sterilised on an ongoing basis.

    4. Every patient must wash and disinfect their hands when entering the practice.

    5. Every patient must gargle with a virucidal mouthwash before treatment.

  2. Protection

    1. Goggles, mouth-nose protection / FFP2 mask and new gloves are worn for each patient during all patient treatment.

    2. We wear protective goggles or transparent plastic face shields when required.

    3. Consistent and high-volume suction is used.

    4. The entire practice is effectively ventilated during the entire treatment.

    5. If ventilation is not possible (due to bad weather), we have professional air purification equipment in the practice as an alternative.

    6. Between treatments we have ventilation breaks / shock ventilation to avoid aerosol.

  3. Distance by reducing the number of patients

    1. Treatment schedules / appointments are aligned to meet the spacing rules in the practice.

    2. To this end, we have adapted our ordering system to the Covid precautions and scheduled breaks between each patient.

    3. In order to be able to comply with the spacing and hygiene rules, we only allow patients to enter the practice alone at the agreed appointment. This is the only way we can avoid contacts in the practice.

That's what we do for you as a dental clinic:

For new patients

If you are interested in an initial consultation, please call us and feel free to register for the consultation. However, depending on the volume of patients, it may be necessary for us to put you on our waiting list.

Your cooperation helps us to be able to continue to organise the scheduling optimally and pleasantly for everyone.

We would like to thank you in advance.

Regulations and Restrictions due to Covid-19 updates

Please understand that due to Covid-19 regulations, our dental clinic operations may be somewhat limited. It is also possible that some treatments may only be carried out under certain conditions or may not be offered at all.

These regulations from the government and / or the health authority must then also be implemented with immediate effect. Due to the constantly changing situation, this Covid-19 page is updated regularly.

Would you like to learn more about our extensive hygiene measures in our dental clinic?

Your health is very important to us and is close to our hearts. That is why we also attach great importance to perfect dental clinic hygiene.

In order to offer you maximum safety and protection in our dental clinic, we carry out more than just the legally required disinfection and sterilisation measures. In this way, the patient and the practice team are optimally protected by our hygiene preparation with a safe and efficient hygiene workflow.

It remains exciting and we hope for your cooperation.

This is the only way we can work together to ensure
that the dental clinic runs smoothly for all patients.

We thank you for your cooperation


Thorsten and Manja Carlsson


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